Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Norman Rockwell be Damned...It's Vegan Chili for Me!

I always move into the winter holiday season with huge expectations and I blame Norman Rockwell. Who doesn't remember the picture (literally) perfect family gathering with a plump turkey and all the fixings?

What pressure! I was "off the hook" for Thanksgiving this year, because we were invited to a friend's house. It was lovely. Now I have Christmas to think about. When I should be planning our annual (sort of) holiday party, making homemade crafty gifts, and generally getting in the spirit, I find that I am more likely to be on the couch watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Is this avoidance behavior? Absolutely! Why? No reason really. Something about winter brings out the "lazy" in me, and there's nothing like procrastination to make the holidays really stressful! See my older post on procrastinating...


Perhaps, I'll just do sun saluations and serve vegan chili for Christmas instead of the typical standing rib roast! Thanks, Real Housewives of BH for the inspiration!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Moogfest 2012: Where city meets country...

I was somehow hoodwinked into taking my two children to Asheville under the pretense of a college visit. What they really wanted to do (and did) was take advantage of the Moogfest 2012 festival. If you are a musician or just an old hippie, you might remember the Moog synthesizer. Bob Moog lived in Asheville, taught at UNC Asheville and was somewhat of a legend. The festival was held at 5 venues throughout downtown and featured many artists. In addition, the festival brought a huge crowd to this small city. Since I didn't purchase a ticket for the festival, I entertained myself by taking advantage of the free street music and people watching. The folk revival movement is in full swing in Asheville, but there were some surprise musical guests as well (see below).

Come on, what person who came of age in the 70's didn't love KISS? And did I mentioned that I saw a guy riding a motorcyle dressed head to toe in a gorilla suit? Awesome!

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