Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Frogs Not Dogs

We have two dogs. One is as old as dirt (sorry, Samantha) and the other is a rowdy bulldog mix who we call Essie, Esmarelda, Essie-Bird, BooBoo, or whatever comes to mind. She thinks her name is "Down", "Off", "Hey, you come back here and I mean it!". Essie has developed a habit of stealing my 17 year old daughter's old stuffed animals and racing around the house proclaiming, "Finders, Keepers!".

My husband retrieved a sad little frog stuffed toy yesterday and commented (to the dog), "Maybe we should have frogs for pets instead of dogs" and then proceeded to sing a little song:

Frogs, frogs are better than dogs,
They are very small and quiet.
Sometimes in summer you can hear them sing,
but when they poop you can't smell a thing.
That guy is funny. He has been known to break out in song over just about anything. He's my very own Mandy Patinkin. I can't believe he doesn't have his own blog of funny songs. He doesn't even have a Twitter account. Imagine that!
Here's what the perp stole yesterday.

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